Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Grouse Grizzly Bears

After a hike up the BCMC, we wandered over to the Grizzly Bears on the chance they would be out enjoying the summer day as we were.
Grouse Mountain renovated their pen over the winter into a figure eight type area, where tourists and people can walk over a bridge and feel like you’re in the same cage as them.


Grinder was orphaned June 2001 in Invermere BC. He was wandering alone on a logging road, dehydrated, thin, weak, and weighing only 4.5kg.

Coola was found orphaned at the side of the highway on June 29, 2001 near Bella Coola, BC. His mother has been hit and killed by a truck. Of her three cubs, Coola was the only one to survive. One cub was hit by a falling tree and the other ran and was not seen again.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Longest Sunday of the Year Walk / Run - 3rd Annual

Thanks to everyone for participating in the
Longest Sunday of the Year Run/Walk.
It was a great success, raising more money each year !
A big thanks to James at Air Canada for their sizable donation.
Vancouver is still waiting for our summer to begin, but all the sun dancing worked. Sunday was a fabulous day!! The temperature broke 20’C and the sun block was needed.

Before heading out on our run or walk we did a quick warm up to loosen the muscles.

The Longest Day’s youngest contestant
took home the fastest walker.
5 year old Sidney, took home the gold medal for 5km


Raul, a first timer, snuck past the finish line a mere milliseconds ahead of the rest of them.

Contestants for Sexy Shorts
Anne-Marie took home the prize for sexiest shorts once again this year.  It was her  complete outfit with sparkling runners, that put her ahead of the rest.


See you all next year !

BCMC - first timer

We took it easy for Anne-Marie’s first hike up grouse, and did the BCMC. With a time of 90minutes, this is excellent for all you non hikers.  It was the first of many hikes.

Up until now we have not had any hot weather this year, and this was obvious when we reached the top of Grouse.

At 3,700’ elevation, on June 27th we found snow!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Lynn Loop, North Vancouver

As the season warmed up, and when one of the better days of our late spring / summer has arrived.  We got the dogs and headed to Lynn Headwaters, North Vancouver to stretch our legs and have a hike around Lynn Loop.
We decided to do a few easier trials before trying our hand...or feet, at the BCMC and the Grouse Grind. Which we now do on a weekly basis. 

We jutted off the loop to head to Lynn Peak Lookout. Once having spectacular views which you can see at a glimpse between the trees we enjoyed a drink of water and headed back down.