Saturday, August 27, 2011

Squamish Chief AKA Stawamus Chief

On the morning of August 27th a group of us got up early hopped in the car to explore the Squamish Cheif.
The Chief towers high above the town of Squamish and is a popular hiking destination that offers scenic views of Howe Sound and several mountains in Garibaldi Provincial Park.
Olesen Creek before joining the trail to the Chief.

There are 3 peaks to choose from. We had a last minute addition to our hiking group. It turned out to be an excellent perk !! An experienced hiker who has done the Chief over 15 times !!

Our personal tour guide took us up to second peak, then we wondered across the mountain tops to check out the views of third peak before starting our long trek down hill.

Note: this is not a hike to do for anyone with knee problems. 

The first 45 minutes is spent climbing steadily uphill over wooden steps and a well-worn dirt path. Upon reaching a junction, we stay left which gave us the option of first or second peak.  Another 10 minutes or so we came to another fork where we choose to go right, to the Centre of the peaks (second peak) we’d been told it had the best views.    
The view from second peak. 1.7-kilometre trail with an elevation gain of 590 metres. Sqamish City is to the North, and spectacular views all around.

We met a few of the locals running at our feet and were amazed of the plant life on top of the peak.

After soaking in the view and taking a break,  we headed northward following the ridge just a short distance away. Just around the corner and up another little peake we were at the highest peak of the three of the Chief peaks. The Third Peak, elevation gain of 630 metres. The view from the North Peak gives you sights in a slightly different direction and includes views of several of the peaks in Garibaldi Provincial Park. 

Carefully down the rock we went. And I tell you I was happy it was over.  I would recommend doing some downhill hikes before heading up the chief.  It is hard on the knees and legs.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quarry Rock, Deep Cove

It was a sluggish Wednesday yesterday and our grouse hiking group had dwindled down to Colleen and David. Feeling too guilty to cancel a hike night altogether they headed to Quarry Rock for something a little easier, or so they thought. 

After getting to the rock and enjoying the view of Deep Cove we continued along the path a litle farther to see if we could get down to the water.  Without much luck, and possibly tresspassing into peoples back yards. Our knees and then a hill to return up !

We decided it wasn't of a break from our weekly grouse hike.  Next time we must bring the dogs.