Saturday, October 1, 2011

Oktoberfest with Lufthansa at the Alpen Club

A bit of a late post, but better late than never. The photo's were miss filed. And needless to say this was in October !!

Lufthansa marked Oktoberfest by hosting an evening of traditional Bavarian food, music, Schuhplatter entertainment and fun and games at the Alpen Club.

A group of us heading to the Alpen Club, not knowing what the night had in store for us, and it was sure a fun one !

Walking into the Alpen Club was like boarding an international flight, and heading to Germany, without the long plane ride or jet lagg. The Apliners serenaded us as we pick up our German Ale and piled our plates with the traditional Bavarian feast!

After our bellies were full the entertainment began, with a BANG !

A pint of traditional german Ale in one hand and the camera in the other to capture the entertainment of the thigh-slapping Schuhplatter dancing. After the Richmond's Austrian Club put on a show of how to do this thigh slapping, of course they wanted everyone to try. Picking 4 men out of the crowds. It was a contest of elemination on who was the winner !!

The entertainment didn't end there, and this time The Travel Group was not so lucky. Jason and Colleen were pulled up onto the dance floor to learn the German waltz.  Jason rolling up his pants, and Colleen was  spun and twiled around to the music !

A few speaches and thank yous were done while desert was served and the last of the entertainment was the Bell ringing !  This time Cathy was volunteered to head up and pick a bell.

Thank you Lufthansa for a fantastic night !
from everyone at The Travel Group.