Sunday, February 28, 2016

Walking Log - February

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Tee Gee Awards for 2015

It was another great awards night hosted by The Travel Group.
To honor their hard working staff for a great 2015.

The awards were handed out fast and furious so that we could enjoy the large selection of beer offered by craft Beer market.

 Arriving to delicious starters: sliders, deep fried pickles and something that looked like sushi but tasted like a cheese burger!

The awards were presented before sitting down to dinner. 

Michele took the award for top sales in insurance; however Annie was close on her heels. These two seem to battle for this award each year.
Annie took the win for the Account Manager and Jason was the winner for the Telecommuting agent!

Laura was voted by her peers for the “groupie of the year” but Colleen kept the award for “Confucius”, also voted by her peers. 

Regine’s client Anne won for the second year in a row for “Best client Photo”

It was a night full of good looking people, great food and drinks. 

~ Cheers to 2016