Friday, March 14, 2014

Vancouver Food Trucks - Hamburger 285

Only serving 2 items hamburgers & cheeseburgers
They are well worth the change in your pocket.
The burgers come on a fresh toasted bun with tomato, lettuce and a secret sauce.

Mysterious...with no name, 
the city has dubbed it as "hamburger 285"


Monday, March 3, 2014

Travel Group Awards for 2013

Each year The Travel Group honors their employee’s with a party and awards for all of their hard work for the previous year. There are serious awards like highest sales, and most insurance sold. But we also have a fun with our photo contest award. And this year...blind wine tasting.
This year an Instagram feed was set up on the wall, showing photos from past award nights and posts from throughout the evening. Some great laughs, and sneaky shots were had by all. Like this one snapping a picture at the front door.  Everyone knew Felix, Jason, Colleen & Rob had just arrived!  

Culinary Capers supplied the amazing food no one could pick a favorite. It was all so good.


      Noodle box with lemon grass and shrimp
      Prawn skewer with gazpacho shooter stick
      Lamp lollipops crusted with smoked tomato
      Gnocchi with peas and lemon baked ricotta
      Ancho chilli seared rib-eye

Michele took home "Account Manager" this year.
Annie, once again had "Top Insurance Sales"
 For the second year in a row Colleen took
"Groupie of the Year" & the "Confucius Award" 
These are both awards voted on by your peers
Karen took the new "Marketing Achievement Award"
As well as winning our "Photo contest"

With her photo of Canola Fields in Alberta.
It was a night filled with laughter, unforgettable people and great food!