Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Grouse Mountain Hike - BCMC

The Grouse Mountain trail I prefer is the BCMC trail. It is less crowded and a slightly longer alternative to the Grouse Grind. The scenery is similar, but the upper reaches of the trail cross through some old growth forest. As with all the trails up Grouse, it's a steep trek and a good workout.

The Grind is 2.9km,
where the BCMC is 3.3km

We rewarded ourselves with some beer
and nachos and enjoyed the view

We wandered over to the Grizzly Bears and had a visit with Grinder and Coola.
Grinder was orphaned June 2001 in Invermere BC. He was wandering alone on a loggin road, dehydrated, thin, weak, and weighing only 4.5kg.

Coola was found orphaned at the side of the highway on June 29, 2001 near Bella Coola, BC. His mother has been hit and killed by a truck. Of her three cubs, Coola was the only one to survive. One cub was hit by a falling tree and the other ran and was not seen again.

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