Monday, July 23, 2012

Epic Hike try #2 - GG & SSG

Meeting snow on our first attempt at our Epic Hike in July, we picked late September for try number two on our Epic Hike. Once a season we push ourselves a little bit further than our every day hikes to see if we can do it !

This time we hiked up the BCMC (Grouse Mountain), then continued up Grouse Mountain on the SSG (Snowshoe Grind), and kept going up to the peak of Goat Mountain!  It was an Epic hike, and about 5 hours long.

It was a brisk fall morning, but about 10 minutes into the hike the layers were being pealed off ! We had Bear spray in hand and the jingle of our bear bells on our hips and we were off.

Enjoying the leisurely hike of the BCMC, compared to our usual Grouse Grind, it was nice to look at the trees, chat and enjoy ourselves.  Reaching the peak we had a break for water and a snack, a quick check in that we all felt up for the next 2 legs of the hike, and we continued on.
The snow shoe grind is a very different hike than it is in the winter, it seems short and steep. Once we reach the peak we had increadable views, we could see 360' around, it was spectacular.

I quick dip down the mountin and then back up and around to Goat Mountain. We didn't met too many people on our adventure, so we were glad that  Anne-Marie had her Bear spray and bells to keep the wildlife away.  A small rope was on the last leg of the hike and an amazing feeling once at the top. So many mountains to look at. We could see the city, up Indian arm, over to Cypress mountain and much more.
Not a cloud in the sky. Having a snack and almost finishing our water we turn around and headed back down to the chateau. By the time we hike down the mountain, our muscles are not use to this because we always take the gondela after the grind. We all were very sore for a couple of days. But we would all do it again in a heartbeat. 
Hikers, you should do this at least once. Next year - Crown Mountain.


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